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SNOWBALL NEEDS A HOME!! She is a friendly but very energetic, noisy and rambunctious Labrador mix. she was brought from Afghanistan seven years ago as a pup and adopted by a couple in Washington DC. They adore her but are moving to a retirement complex this summer and cannot take her. Snowball is healthy, vaccinated and spayed. she is housebroken but not obedience trained and does not obey commands. She loves to run and play and go for walks but she wants to investigate everything and pull hard on the leash and go fast. she is very strong. She needs space and security, some place with a large yard and a strong fence she can't get through or under or over. she also barks a lot. She LOVES people and gets along well with some dogs, depending on their size and gender and personality, and she has been living with cats fine. we can arrange for people to visit and meet snowball any time. please help us find the right home for her!!! if you are interested, please call 703 577 4460 or 202 966 8496.



SHEPPIE HAS FOUND A HOME AND IS SAFELY IN THE US!! She is an elegant, gentle shepherd-hound mix who would be a wonderful companion for any family. She has been with us for more than two years. She is about three years old, healthy and spayed. She gets along well with other dogs of all kinds and loves to play with people. She is frisky and energetic but also extremely good natured and loving. Please help us find her a loving home! For more information and photos, please email

Lady Gaga at Home in Georgia.

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